About Us

Welcome to Whizzo

Why not move out of your glass cubicle and work in a cool yet professional environment? How about munching some of your favorite dishes while preparing your presentation? Some may know us as a co-working space, while many know us from the Whizzo café that serves your favorite delicacies.

Whizzo is an extension of our baby- Polyvalent Digital Services Private Limited, where we bring you everything your brand requires to garner attention. It is a new age co-working space that is designed to suit your business needs. We provide an easy option for small and medium businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs with a variety of value added services to ensure a professional and unique experience.

How We Started?

Whizzo is a brain child of the entire Polyvalent team. Our team grew bigger and we needed more space so we began looking around for a new office space. But we did not want to settle for anything simple so we thought of a co-working space and put our creative mind into making this the coolest office in town. We offer you a cool and vibrant work space equipped with all the necessities. We offer a dedicated seat for single users, a team table for a group and a conference room for a team of six.

There’s more!
We also have a café for all you foodies, satisfy your hunger and thirst while you work from one of the most happening office around town. We have swinging chair tables, hanging bulbs, floral design chairs and a colorful tea cup wall. We also have ergonomic chairs for your comfort and lockers to keep your essentials safe.
You have to see it to believe it!
P.S: Do not miss out on our beautiful wall painting which catches every visitor’s attention!